Wood Fired Oven

Our Brick Oven is located in the center of our dining room. The aromas that come from the burning wood and ingredients is one of the many features that make dining at Mattone a unique experience. So order a glass of wine, walk on over to our wood fired oven and watch the art of your pizza/sandwich being made right in front of you!

Wood Fired Pizza

Wood Fired Pizza, traditionally referred to as as Neapolitan-style pizza, was originally developed in Naples. The method was that tomato was added to flatbread then thrown into an oven heated by wood. The smoky flavor, crunchy toppings, and fluffy crust of wood fire oven pizza makes Neapolitan-style pizza a customer favorite. And, there’s no doubt that our wood fire oven is responsible. With the oven’s rapid cook time, many pizzas can be made in a short amount of time ensuring the pizza never becomes soggy and little black on the crust is just perfection.

Here are some benefits of wood fire oven pizza:

Because of the high heat stored in the dense walls, the brick oven is designed to cook pizza very quickly. It takes approximately 2-3 minutes maximum for the pizza to cook. This is very economical if you need to cook a lot of pizzas!

At such high temperatures, the radiant heat from the fire and the heat bouncing off the inside walls of the oven crisps the outside of the pizza very quickly. Any moisture in the dough is thus sealed off. This prevents the base of the dough from becoming soggy and results in a flavorful crust that’s puffy, yet soft and chewy.

Only a wood-fired brick oven pizza imparts that unique smoky flavor that cannot be reproduced in a normal kitchen oven. The high temperature produces other flavors not achieved by slow cooking. However, as heat destroys the flavor of olive oil, there is usually none contained in either the dough or the sauce. Instead, a good-quality olive oil is drizzled over the cooked pizza right before serving.

The intense heat and constant airflow generated in the brick oven seals and cooks the toppings evenly and quickly. The vegetable toppings will be crispier than those produced on pizzas made in the oven. This quick cooking also allows the vitamins and other nutrients in the vegetables to remain. In addition, the cheese does not burn but, instead, lends itself to an appealing color and smoky flavor.

Heat radiates out from the heat source (in this case, a wood fire), is spread around the oven, and ultimately absorbed by the interior brick walls. This heat radiates across the dome very evenly while the floor of the oven remains slightly cooler. When the oven gets really hot inside, the baking temperature can be anywhere between 570 and 660 degrees Fahrenheit. By keeping a continuous small fire going on inside the oven, these temperatures can be maintained. A really good pizza is made in this environment.

Wood Fired Favorites

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